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Micronit’s webstore offers a wide collection of catalogue products. They can provide a first start and give the opportunity to explore technical options. Most of our customers, however, are looking for more.

Micronit focusses on long-term collaborations, that mostly include a complete product development process. For some parties, prototyping a custom design might be a necessary action. Whatever your starting point, Micronit will always think along with you to get your product on the market as soon as possible.

 Product Development at Micronit

Are you ready to start a product development track? We can offer custom design and development, using the latest processes and technologies. We think ahead with you about the entire process to the market. From the very beginning, our focus is on creating a product that has the prospect to be manufactured in high volume.

Is this what you are looking for in a partner? Please contact us through the contact form.

We’ll be glad to hear all about the product you need!

 Prototyping at Micronit

Are you looking for a design prototype? This can be a good step in an early stage of a design for manufacturing process. In the end, it might expedite the time-to-market. In prototyping, we work with our standard design and process parameters. We have a cost estimation tool in place for you to get a first feeling of the costs involved in a prototyping run, which can be found below. Actual costs will depend on the required efforts to establish a manufacturable design.

1. Material & Type
2. Chip Dimensions
3. Layers & Features
4. Number Of Chips & Pricing
5. Chip Overview

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